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Umbro Schoolblazer


A winning performance requires technical, high-performance fabrics. We have worked for years to find the best fabrics available to ensure young people are comfortable, warm and able to focus on their game.


This highly technical base layer incorporates lycra and moisture transfer properties, keeping you warm, dry and comfortable. 

Inside, wicking fabric quickly transports moisture away. Outside, the smooth upper surface easily allows moisture to escape, and minimises friction between layers.



This specialist garment has been designed with unique inner and outer layers to provide exceptional moisture management and protection, to keep you looking great and ready to compete.

Inside, a brushed hydrophilic wicking layer absorbs moisture, drawing it away from the skin. Outside, a durable hydrophobic mesh surface resists abrasion and allows water vapour to pass through.


Staying warm and dry is essential to ensure that you are always ready to perform. This Thermotex garment has a hydrophobic outer surface to help keep showers at bay.

Inside: Fine fleece layer traps warm air close to the body

Top Surface: Hydrophobic coating repels water and resists pilling


This highly technical outer layer is designed to be soft, flexible and practical allowing you to warm-up and train hard in comfort.

Inside: Fine inner coating allows ease of movement and breathability, whilst keeping out the wind and cold

Top Surface: Hydrophobic surface coating ensures rain runs straight off, whilst allowing moisture to escape


This weather resistant outer layer contains a unique 3-tier fabric for optimum comfort.

Inside: Brushed fleece traps air to keep you warm

Middle: A unique membrane, sandwiched between the fabric, keeps wind and rain out whilst allowing your body to breathe  

Outside: Hydrophobic surface coating ensures surface water just runs off


This unique waterproof fabric uses the latest miracle fabric technology to keep rain out, whilst maintaining breathability for optimum performance.

Inside: Unique breathable coating ensures you stay cool and dry, whatever the weather

Top Surface: Water and wind proof outer prevents rain from soaking in

Materials that work in harmony with growing bodies

We don’t cut corners: our buyers work with some of the world’s leading fabric suppliers, renowned for operating at the forefront of technical innovation. We know that the key to enjoying sport is to stay in the moment and focussed on the game. By providing technical kit which creates a warm, dry and protected environment for the wearer, we ensure they can keep their mind on the playing field.